My Story

Initially I entered the professional workforce with a bit of an uphill battle to advance not just with glass ceilings being real, but experiencing overt gender bias. In some cases I felt successful, but usually I was still left out of the top levels despite doing “everything right.”

Along the way, I sacrificed personal life to contribute my all to “important work initiatives” often giving 100 hours or more a week. Exceeding what was asked, I still found myself on the outside. Working in high stress and fast moving environments including telecom and software development, I felt obliged to attend and participate in regular team, celebratory, and networking events centered around heavy drinking, late nights, and poor food choices.

I arrived at a place where I felt incomplete, depressed, fat and unhealthy, and not acknowledged for my over-contribution. I committed to find out how to be truly happy while still giving my best to others.

My journey encompassed years of study and exploration. I began leaving old habits which no longer served me and adding new habits which enhanced my life. Change came incrementally, leading to a day where I felt happy, confident, and empowered over my happiness and future. It is awesome! Now I want to partner with others to experience the same evolution I have.

If my story resonates with you in any way, I would welcome the opportunity to partner with you to have you experience joy in life.

I am a This Naked Mind Institute Certified Coach. My coaching uses the approaches and methods of This Naked Mind, as well as, leveraging my life experience, study, and collection of successful tactics so you can modify your thinking to change your habits and life.

Information provided on this site and during an engagement is not intended as medical advice. Anyone quitting alcohol should be in regular contact with their primary medical care provider.