Coaching Process

The process is organized under the two definitions of “realize.”

Realize: Understand clearly

We first explore to understand how your unconsciousness beliefs, self talk, and other internal and external influences may be undermining you efforts towards your goals and happiness.

We find a single habit to focus. This could be work life balance, giving too much to others, stalled career, relationship to alcohol, food, or other substances. Wherever we start, you likely will see improvements in other areas.

Through listening to both your words and emotions, posing explorative questions, you become aware of alternative options and truths that you did not see before. I provide information, tactics, and propose actions for you to use to continue the exploration, experience a new way, and challenge yourself to change while you are still learning. There is no judgment, and I will encourage you to be kind and generous to yourself through this process.

Realize: Bring into existence

With clear understanding, we will create a plan generally of incremental steps to change.

Once you are ready to implement the plan, I provide accountability & motivation, and celebrate your efforts and progress. However, you are responsible for implementation with grace and compassion. There is continued room for learning and growth. As we learn new things, the plan can be adjusted.

With mastery and transformation, you will be ready to revise your short term plan to a long term road map.


  • Weekly video or phone calls
  • Proven and individualized tactics and strategies
  • Reflection prompts
  • Reading recommendations and worksheets
  • Text and Email Support

Let’s partner to realize your future.

Information provided on this site and during an engagement is not intended as medical advice. Anyone quitting alcohol should be in regular contact with their primary medical care provider.