Realize Your Best Life

Explore what is not working & create a joy filled life

There is so much counting on me. I can get it all done – sleep is optional (haha)

“Work hard, play harder” (drink heavily after work and weekends)

Who needs grocery stores when you have vending machines. (haha)

I have done all the right things and given more than anyone, why am I always overlooked for promotions and bonuses. Let’s drink and eat and talk about it. Morning I’m depleted and dragging.

I did and still do everything right, why am I sad, lonely, defeated, exhausted, fat, and drinking and eating more than I want?

perfection steals the joy from progress

After saying these statements to myself over and over again for decades, I finally committed to understand why I wasn’t happy and become empowered to change. I found the greatest success from leveraging small incremental changes, reflecting on the results, pivoting with a new small change, and then building on success.

Now my passion is to share what I’ve learned to support others to create their best life. I work with clients to help them get unstuck and then plan and create a joy filled life.

Information provided on this site and during an engagement is not intended as medical advice. Anyone quitting alcohol should be in regular contact with their primary medical care provider.